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  1. 1st Images from my new 450d

    Honestly, I never thought about it Ray. As, (for my purposes) I prefer the OSC 'one and done method'. I am thinking about a newer cooled camera but I am not yet ready to pull the trigger. (Can't seem to make up my mind.) Tim
  2. 1st Images from my new 450d

    Great captures Ken. Is your 450D modified for AP, or just using the stock filter? I modified mine myself (450D) installing a IR pass filter. Lets in the Ha wavelengths. NOTE: The noise gets rough on exposures above 5min @ ISO 800. 1600 is worse, unless you're shooting say, a comet using 1min exposures. Glad you like it, Have fun and experiment! Tim.
  3. M87 Jet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well done Greg! And BTW, Happy Birthday!
  4. Crikey..!!! - over one year later!!!

    Awesome captures Daryl. Especially the first posting (my favorite.) Olympus Mons looks like a zit poking out from the surface. (I know not a pretty analogy but it's how it struck me.) Glad to hear from you as well. Keep on truckin! Tim.
  5. NGC1333 composite image

    And people think space is empty...
  6. Pelican

    Fantastic capture, maybe just a little over the top in processing. Seems to be lacking in depth. IMHO. Tim
  7. Barnard's "E"

    There's more...I counted.
  8. And, my best effort at the 'Great Conjunction of the Century'. It will still be a good view tomorrow night if one has the opportunity, (and the weather) to have a look. This one is from the 20th. And this is from the 21st. I used the C9.25 with my now old 450da and a 2x barlow lens I fabricated some time back. FOV was about right for this event. Cheers, Tim.
  9. Planetary Debacles

    What program/programs are you using for processing? Seems like I remember hearing about this conundrum before. Tim
  10. Not too bad of a night last night. I thinks it's time to search for a bigger OTA though...16"or maybe 20". Yeah right!
  11. Just a few quick assorted pics. A little crappy on this composite, but it's supposed to be a Hallowmoon. Anyhoo...
  12. Wasted time.

    So. It's clear, it's fairly cold, I'm sitting here watching some planet jump all over my screen, scratching my head, I'm going, wtf? Thinking back, (something I always used to check,) I forgot about checking the jet stream, AAAAARGH!
  13. This is last nights effort. Hope to get some better images as it's beginning to get colder at night. Might steady things up a bit. Tim.
  14. Last nights Mars.

    About 9pm it pops out from behind a tree....But it's ideal about 11pm to 1am.
  15. Got a few clear nights. Trying to get in some imaging time. A little soft, but better than to overdo it. Cheers, Tim.
  16. NGC7331 massive crop

    Yep, that worked very well! Tim
  17. Obs refurbish/repair

    A fridge, bar and a TV you got a Man Cave!
  18. Haven't seen one of these little fellas in a while. Hung out a bit then went his own way. Tim.
  19. Walked outside last night about 11pm, and noticed this action going on. It was cloudy earlier, so I didn't bother trying to do any imaging. But anyway just a quick snapshot a Mars and the Moon hangin together. Tim.
  20. Obs refurbish/repair

    Looking good! Tim.
  21. Pleiades ultradeep - with colour

    Nothing short of spectacular! Tim.
  22. I've finally gotten familiar with my new CEM 70. I'm thinking it's going to be just fine. Any-who, a few assorted pics. From the 20th. Smoke from the California fires came into play on this one. Sky had cleared a few days later, jet stream sent the smoke northward. Mars a little smoky as well. A Jupe from a few days ago, (still smokin.) And last night's venture. Not too pleased with any of the above, but under the current circumstances with the weather, I will just quietly grumble under my breath. I'm probably done with Jupiter and Saturn this apparition as they're easing toward the west. Could be worse, after buying a new mount, and, building an obs, I could be totally clouded out for months! Tim
  23. Pearl Cluster

    I'll just say, "Holy Crap!" That's sweet! Tim
  24. Pelican

    Amazing result Greg. I've always loved this region. Cygnus is loaded with eye candy. (Images are much better on here than FB.) Tim.
  25. Sorry guys, I know I haven't been posting much lately, but, life happens sometimes... Anyhoo. Hopefully things will start going in my favor, (except for the clouds and torrential rains I have caused.) I began here last year. Well, back in July the CGE Pro died. After much hem-hawing about what to do, escalated by the lack of available stuff out there to choose from. due to whatever? A buddy of mine, (and a member on here (Tony,) suggested a Ioptron mount. So, I am now using a CEM 70. Which seems like it's going to work out just fine, (planetary images pending in another thread.) And so things have went like this over the last week or so... And DONE!!! Hopefully, soon as the skies clear, I can get back to it! Tim.