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  1. I haven't been spending as much time as I should in my dome lately due to work and study commitments, but I certainly intend to soon as winter targets once again start to pop into view. I note that some of my latest work needs better noise reduction and being out the loop sometimes, I am wondering what software or techniques others here use for noise reduction? I used to use a program called Noise Ninja in PS, and it worked a charm, but the plugin stopped working with a PS update. In fact, why don't I whine a bit more by posting an image I feel is noisy. Feel free to experiment or recommend software- Tarantula by Raymond Palmer 50 Percent.tif Thanks and look forward to the feedback. Ray
  2. Removing Noise

    Thanks Prof. This is why I thought I'd ask, because its been a few years since I've done any research on noise removal and figured that there might be a new standard. If both you and Ken are both doing it, then it is most likely quite effective (and the results also speak for themselves). Ray
  3. Removing Noise

    Thanks Ken, I'll check that out. Ray
  4. M87 Jet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    lol, i thought you may have had software that showed it was a galaxy behind his galaxy or something (and not a jet). Okay, now I understand. Woops! Ray
  5. M87 Jet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi Ken, I imagine when Greg has made the background completely black (like in the expanded view), the jet becomes visible, but with the lighter background it is not, too faint. That's my thinking, but may be wrong. Ray
  6. Street Lights For and Against

    Ouch. Unfortunately most leaders are completely scientifically illiterate. The universe is governed by the laws of science, certainly not gods or prophets from the stone age, iron age or bronze age. I guarantee most leaders can recite paragraphs from religious texts from 1000's of years ago, but would struggle to quote most well known scientific principles. Ouch again. Ray
  7. Well its obvious I am against it. Most kids these days can't point out and name one constellation due to our local governments allowing the sky to be polluted. I know streetlights also mess with animals mating and feeding times. And I did read that some streetlights could cause cancers due to the melatonin levels we should have during sleep being incorrect. I've been told by my local council that streetlights give people a sense of security. My response is, if you are scared, get some sensors and cameras installed, they are super cheap these days, and we shouldn't have to pay for people's fears. IMO, streetlights are a huge waste of money and waste huge amounts of energy as well, because 99% of the light is never actually seen. What is better, streetlights that have sensors which are pretty cheap and easy to use, or turning them off at 10pm? What's the solution? How do we convince councils and local governments to take this seriously? Ray,
  8. Street Lights For and Against

    I spoke to my local councilor this week about doing an energy saving initiative combined with a kids chance to see some stars around new moon. My councilor is very accepting of the idea. I also discussed how artificial light is causing disease in animals and humans and needs to be looked at. I'm going to compile and make a small dossier for her fellow councilors to see if they can progress forward. Stay tuned. Ray
  9. 1st Images from my new 450d

    I know I will eventually purchase a DSLR for landscape, widefield, meteor showers, etc. I can't see myself hooking it up to my telescope, however I also know curiosity killed the cat and I most probably will. But I certainly miss widefield shooting like star trails etc. Ray
  10. 1st Images from my new 450d

    Tim can you do narrowband with it? It is obviously shot colour though, but I know some cameras can disregard two channels and shoot monochrome. Ray
  11. Street Lights For and Against

    This is interesting Greg. I know my council have infrared cameras everywhere, so hopefully if people complain, they may be able to use that as a comeback. Ray
  12. Street Lights For and Against

    Thanks guru. I am going to see if I can get my council to turn lights off a few nights a month (around new moon time) to save energy and assist kids with learning the sky (a forgotten art). Ray
  13. Street Lights For and Against

    Ken do you have those findings? Be handy to show my local councilor (whom I know very well). Ray
  14. Cheers Ken. And you are right, it is worth starting another thread. Ray
  15. 1st Images from my new 450d

    Does EOS require a laptop? Or is this the firmware? I've actually kept a ton of Elite Chrome 200 slide film in my freezer, so once I get a small tracking mount, I'll have to use those as well. But certainly will check eBay Ken and checkout those earlier Canon's. 450d sounds like a bargain. Ray
  16. 1st Images from my new 450d

    Yes, I remember that setup. Once I purchase a DSLR (which I've been wanting to for years), I think a little tracker mount for travelling would be well suited for me. I used to travel with full kit, but the setting up and pulling down at 3a.m, plus the drive home (and the easy convenient observatory in my backyard) put rest to those days. Ray
  17. Wow! I'm so jealous. There is such an over abundance of streetlights in our neighborhood. I did speak with someone at council once, and he said turning night into day makes people feel safe, even though they are sleeping through 98% of the light emitted all night. Kind of silly really, its like society needs a night light to feel safe. With CCTV tech being so cheap and effective, many other ways to keep the suburbs safe IMO. P.S Would love to buy a farm out in the middle of woop woop one day. Ray
  18. I just had a look on the map at where Snake Valley is. You would have some great skies out there I imagine (when there are no clouds or burn offs). I live on a main road, however I did get my power company to put shades in the streetlights in front and behind my home so that no light comes onto my property, which did make a small difference. I need a paintball blaster so I can cover up the rest of them Ray
  19. We had some clear nights, but as Dave will attest below - Our government decided to do some burn offs to prevent bushfires, and our skies over new moon were smeared out with smoke (just when I had some nights free and a nice pinot noir ) Ray
  20. 1st Images from my new 450d

    Wow mate, some serious photons considering the exposure times. I'd love to play with a DSLR sometime. Are you using one of those small dedicated DSLR mounts for tracking (I forget the name)? And some lovely pillars / globules clearly visible in Carina. Ray
  21. M87 Jet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Happy 50th Prof. Ray
  22. M87 Jet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wow, that is awesome. I'd be pretty impressed with myself. Have you inverted it or done other colour manipulations? I imagine the jet would be made up of only a few different wavelengths as opposed to full spectrum starlight. Ray
  23. Wow mate, you are delivering some serious images. That is true planetary eye candy, and no easy feat. I don't recall ever seeing such as well resolved Olympus Mons. Makes me want to pull out a Mars map and go over all those pertinent details you have captured. P.S Glad Pat's triple bypass went well. Ray
  24. Heart nebula composite

    Some nice pillars in the core there, I would love to get my C14 onto those, but the old hemisphere issues creeps in again.:) Ray
  25. M52 and the Bubble nebula

    Incredible! Ray