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    Been a while since I posted a photo, but having some spare time has allowed me to process some data I have. This was processed mostly in PI and some minor adjustments in PS. Shot at 4000mm, Focal Ratio F11, and probably spent about 50 hours acquiring the correct subs. The total imaging time used is more like 10 hours, but this object sits over the city lights from my observatory and many subs were unusable. C/C's welcome. Ray
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    Walked outside last night about 11pm, and noticed this action going on. It was cloudy earlier, so I didn't bother trying to do any imaging. But anyway just a quick snapshot a Mars and the Moon hangin together. Tim.
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    I think they wanted it to be more like APOD to get hits by association Greg
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    Those of you used to seeing my work may think (at first sight) that I've lost the plot with this one. Got out for the first time in MONTHS last night and did an hour's worth of imaging with the Hyperstar III on the C11. 12 x 4-minute subs of M87. Processed using the Digital Development Filter (instead of a bunch of curves) and I managed to pull out the JET!!!!! May look unimpressive - but I am really happy with this one Greg
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    Ouch. Unfortunately most leaders are completely scientifically illiterate. The universe is governed by the laws of science, certainly not gods or prophets from the stone age, iron age or bronze age. I guarantee most leaders can recite paragraphs from religious texts from 1000's of years ago, but would struggle to quote most well known scientific principles. Ouch again. Ray
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    Here's the whole image with M87 blown up as an insert. Greg
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    Playing about on Photoshop 2020 I put together everything I had on the Pelican nebula and then also added DSS data from the same region. Everything stitched together using REGISTAR. Greg
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    I combined all my Sky90 data of this object together with the DSS data from the same region. Barnard's "E" is a dark nebula lying close to the star Tarazed. How many stars do you think are in this image?? Registar says there are 165,000 Greg
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    Mizar & Alcor in Ursa Major taken with the Sky90 array. Greg
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    And here's a Noel Carboni process of JUST the Sky90 data. Greg
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    I hope it sells quick mate. Need to get some cash back in the bank after paying for the van. Lol. Shane
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    Tim I know you’re right it needs a fridge and bar but it already has a man cave sign. Shane
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    Haven't seen one of these little fellas in a while. Hung out a bit then went his own way. Tim.
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    I took this a few months ago, but I need to add luminance to it. The weather hasn't been cooperating on my nights off. First image in a while, but figured I should post it to prove I am still alive. The image is grainy and needs star reduction and a few other things done to it, but it is headed in the right direction. Ray
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    Wow, very jealous. Looks amazing Prof. Ray
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    Threw together everything I had on M33 and ended up with this. Greg
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    Beautifully sharp image! Canis Minor has always fascinated me in the sense that how did they see a small dog in 2 stars. It is probably the constellation that least matches its name
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    I actually picked the wrong star. V1331 is correctly labelled below.
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    We all know that feeling. Winter is in full swing out West at the moment, but I'm hopeful for the next new moon. Fingers crossed. Ray
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    Thanks Prof. This is why I thought I'd ask, because its been a few years since I've done any research on noise removal and figured that there might be a new standard. If both you and Ken are both doing it, then it is most likely quite effective (and the results also speak for themselves). Ray
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    I do the same as Ken Greg
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    Thanks Ken, I'll check that out. Ray
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    Same here Greg. I have heard some drunks talking loudly as they were walking home from the pub at about midnight probably 3 times in the 20 years I have lived here. Being out in the country we don't even have footpaths, so what do we need streetlights for? Ken
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    Honestly, I never thought about it Ray. As, (for my purposes) I prefer the OSC 'one and done method'. I am thinking about a newer cooled camera but I am not yet ready to pull the trigger. (Can't seem to make up my mind.) Tim
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    Nice collection of images with the 450. The Canon range of cameras lend themselves very suitable to AP -- Well done Dave.
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    Hi Ray, No inversion or colour manipulation, just a bit of careful processing with the DD filter and some curves at the end to reduce the overall brightness a LOT. Greg
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    Cut out the ciggies & you'll save even faster Shane! From vowing never to own a van for many years (childhood experience of stuck in one with a tyro Dad!) we've owned a couple over the last dozen years...the 2nd has been with us for most of that period & atm we're really hoping to get away soon after not using it for about 5 months now - we had it fully-serviced just a few weeks back in readiness!
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    Hi Ray & Tim - thanks, & good to hear from you two! I was thinking of you two (& Shane) when I dropped in here yesterday...a fairly hot day today & I've replaced the wheels with new tyres on the van a few minutes back - time for my senior's nap now..!
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    There's more...I counted.
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    Whatever you are doing to resolve that dark neb is working beautifully my friend. Ray
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    100 subs was massive overkill, your images should be effectively noise-free with anything over 50 subs. I had one imaging "expert" berating me for not knowing anything about signal to noise ratio as I didn't take into account the gain in signal to noise with exposure time. Problem with signal to noise increase with exposure time is that the increase is not all that big, and also it flattens off rather quickly especially if your skies are not too good. So in my location the exposure time signal to noise ratio increase flattens off in about 5-minutes meaning that I am getting no (further) S/N ratio increase in the 20-minute exposures I need to take to get faint stuff and the only way I can get the noise down in galaxy or faint nebula images is to take LOTS of subs. The reason why I have often said you need at least 8-hours of good data to get a first class image is that if you take a typical sub length as 10-minutes and then have 50 of them, you're talking just over 8-hours. It only took me about 10 years to work this stuff out Greg P.S. Oh - and by the way - all your 50 subs have to be GOOD. You have to go through every sub and check they are o.k. as I now from experience you can actually see the degradation in the stacked image with just ONE bad sub in 100. P.P.S. And that is also the reason why I run multiple imagers in parallel - I increase the number of subs in a given time by the number of imagers. P.P.P.S. Dithering is essential. So is good image calibration with good flats and bias frames.
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    Both epic work my friend. Ray
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    That is very nice. Dave.
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    And, my best effort at the 'Great Conjunction of the Century'. It will still be a good view tomorrow night if one has the opportunity, (and the weather) to have a look. This one is from the 20th. And this is from the 21st. I used the C9.25 with my now old 450da and a 2x barlow lens I fabricated some time back. FOV was about right for this event. Cheers, Tim.
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    Very cool mate. We love camping. Great time to be selling with no international travel, it will sell extremely quickly. Ray
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    Got a few clear nights. Trying to get in some imaging time. A little soft, but better than to overdo it. Cheers, Tim.
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    Yep, that worked very well! Tim
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    Wow. Nice combination. Shane
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    Gday Ray, paint is for my other hobby, modelling of the plastic kind. Also do paper variety. Shane.
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    There is a loss of colour in my ultradeep Pleaides image (the one with several 1-hour long subs) due to color bleaching from effective over exposure. So I mixed the ultradeep image with an intermediate exposure image (that had better colour) to get the result below. Greg
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    Nothing short of spectacular! Tim.
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    Observatories are great toys once they are all setup. Ray
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    At last I have a ceiling again, I had some 6mm mdf sitting around so decided to use that on the ceiling. Hoping I got the leaking repaired or I’ll be redoing it again. Now as soon as I get some plywood panels I’ll get the walls done and add some workspaces. Really miss being able to get out to the man cave and do something, whether it’s Astro or models. Shane
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    Certainly can be imaged from Perth. Here is a film image from around 2006. http://www.thecosmicartgallery.com/NorthAmerican.php Ray
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    I've finally gotten familiar with my new CEM 70. I'm thinking it's going to be just fine. Any-who, a few assorted pics. From the 20th. Smoke from the California fires came into play on this one. Sky had cleared a few days later, jet stream sent the smoke northward. Mars a little smoky as well. A Jupe from a few days ago, (still smokin.) And last night's venture. Not too pleased with any of the above, but under the current circumstances with the weather, I will just quietly grumble under my breath. I'm probably done with Jupiter and Saturn this apparition as they're easing toward the west. Could be worse, after buying a new mount, and, building an obs, I could be totally clouded out for months! Tim
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    I'd love to put my C14 @ prime on those nebs Greg. Love your work buddy. Ray
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    The ZWO120mm monochrome cam. Baader fitlters. Tim.
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    Looking aweosme mate. Well done. Ray
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    Dude, you've got something going on there! Should be a real looker when you get finished with it. Tim.