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    Noel Carboni as you may know works for Adobe so has inside information on Photoshop. The noise reduction packages were tested and optimised on deep-sky images (as well as others) which is why they work so well on DSOs. Greg
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    Thanks Prof. This is why I thought I'd ask, because its been a few years since I've done any research on noise removal and figured that there might be a new standard. If both you and Ken are both doing it, then it is most likely quite effective (and the results also speak for themselves). Ray
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    I do the same as Ken Greg
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    Thanks Ken, I'll check that out. Ray
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    Those of you used to seeing my work may think (at first sight) that I've lost the plot with this one. Got out for the first time in MONTHS last night and did an hour's worth of imaging with the Hyperstar III on the C11. 12 x 4-minute subs of M87. Processed using the Digital Development Filter (instead of a bunch of curves) and I managed to pull out the JET!!!!! May look unimpressive - but I am really happy with this one Greg
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    lol, i thought you may have had software that showed it was a galaxy behind his galaxy or something (and not a jet). Okay, now I understand. Woops! Ray
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    Here's the whole image with M87 blown up as an insert. Greg