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    Same here Greg. I have heard some drunks talking loudly as they were walking home from the pub at about midnight probably 3 times in the 20 years I have lived here. Being out in the country we don't even have footpaths, so what do we need streetlights for? Ken
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    As someone who is up all night and sees what's going on - the only thing the street lights help at 1 in the morning are the foxes to find their way home. I have never seen anyone walking around at that time. Greg
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    Honestly, I never thought about it Ray. As, (for my purposes) I prefer the OSC 'one and done method'. I am thinking about a newer cooled camera but I am not yet ready to pull the trigger. (Can't seem to make up my mind.) Tim
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    Great captures Ken. Is your 450D modified for AP, or just using the stock filter? I modified mine myself (450D) installing a IR pass filter. Lets in the Ha wavelengths. NOTE: The noise gets rough on exposures above 5min @ ISO 800. 1600 is worse, unless you're shooting say, a comet using 1min exposures. Glad you like it, Have fun and experiment! Tim.
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    Thanks guru. I am going to see if I can get my council to turn lights off a few nights a month (around new moon time) to save energy and assist kids with learning the sky (a forgotten art). Ray
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    Yes Ray, EOS Utilities requires a computer. It is the capture software that comes on the Canon camera disk. It's very basic but works great. Obviously there are better capture programs, but they cost money . . . except ImagesPlus which is one of the best (if not THE best) capture software but it is verryyy complicated. The author/owner of ImagesPlus has retired and made if freely available now instead of the old price of $279 Personally I find BackyardEOS far better and easier to use and only cost AU$50 for the Premium Edition (link) Yeah, 450d is a great camera and plenty go cheap. Look HERE
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    Nice collection of images with the 450. The Canon range of cameras lend themselves very suitable to AP -- Well done Dave.
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    Will look forward to your photos. Very quiet here. my Cancer treatment went off the rails and PSA shot up from 0.3 to 27. Over ther past 2 months been on "Liquid Chemo" and different injections for bone repair. Has knocked me around a bit. Current waxing Moon has been clear over in the West here. but just have no enthusiasm to get out there ATM. Antiquity is also taking over. Cheers Dave. Parkwood.
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    Those of you used to seeing my work may think (at first sight) that I've lost the plot with this one. Got out for the first time in MONTHS last night and did an hour's worth of imaging with the Hyperstar III on the C11. 12 x 4-minute subs of M87. Processed using the Digital Development Filter (instead of a bunch of curves) and I managed to pull out the JET!!!!! May look unimpressive - but I am really happy with this one Greg
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    Thank you Tim - my present the last few years is just to be above ground, that'll do me Greg
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    Hi Ray, No inversion or colour manipulation, just a bit of careful processing with the DD filter and some curves at the end to reduce the overall brightness a LOT. Greg
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    Here's the whole image with M87 blown up as an insert. Greg