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    I think they wanted it to be more like APOD to get hits by association Greg
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    Incredible amount of nuclear furnaces out there. Awesome photo Greg. Ray
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    Threw together everything I had on M33 and ended up with this. Greg
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    Wow, very jealous. Looks amazing Prof. Ray
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    Beautifully sharp image! Canis Minor has always fascinated me in the sense that how did they see a small dog in 2 stars. It is probably the constellation that least matches its name
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    Yes - that is the DSS image and it is flipped top to bottom, so if you want the same area on one of my images, it's around 7:00 towards the bottom. Greg
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    Tim very interesting. My C14 would be able to zoom right in on that. Cygnus unfortunately is a tad low for me. I did shoot it once, but I drove out to the bush, and then up onto a monolith called Kokerbin Rock, which gave me super views of the Northern horizon. Ray
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    Interesting 'smoke ring' feature at about 11:00 from V1331 in the 3rd image near the top. Kudos, Tim.
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    Very cool. Circumstellar disc (a mostly depleted accretion disc,,,posssibly). Ray
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    I actually picked the wrong star. V1331 is correctly labelled below.