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  2. Street Lights For and Against

    Same here Greg. I have heard some drunks talking loudly as they were walking home from the pub at about midnight probably 3 times in the 20 years I have lived here. Being out in the country we don't even have footpaths, so what do we need streetlights for? Ken
  3. Street Lights For and Against

    As someone who is up all night and sees what's going on - the only thing the street lights help at 1 in the morning are the foxes to find their way home. I have never seen anyone walking around at that time. Greg
  4. 1st Images from my new 450d

    Honestly, I never thought about it Ray. As, (for my purposes) I prefer the OSC 'one and done method'. I am thinking about a newer cooled camera but I am not yet ready to pull the trigger. (Can't seem to make up my mind.) Tim
  5. 1st Images from my new 450d

    Tim can you do narrowband with it? It is obviously shot colour though, but I know some cameras can disregard two channels and shoot monochrome. Ray
  6. Street Lights For and Against

    This is interesting Greg. I know my council have infrared cameras everywhere, so hopefully if people complain, they may be able to use that as a comeback. Ray
  7. 1st Images from my new 450d

    Thanks Tim, No, my camera isn't modded. I considered it but went against it. I prefer the colours from the unmodded camera. I have used several modded cameras but still prefer the results from unmodded. I only do my DSO imaging at ISO 800. So much easier to process any noise out. I have used 1600 a couple of times as a test and was very disappointed with the results. But I find that planetary video looks OK at 1600 Ken
  8. 1st Images from my new 450d

    Great captures Ken. Is your 450D modified for AP, or just using the stock filter? I modified mine myself (450D) installing a IR pass filter. Lets in the Ha wavelengths. NOTE: The noise gets rough on exposures above 5min @ ISO 800. 1600 is worse, unless you're shooting say, a comet using 1min exposures. Glad you like it, Have fun and experiment! Tim.
  9. Street Lights For and Against

    Oh - and by the way. It was excellent here for a while when the LED street lights were turned off around midnight - then my skies were pretty dark indeed. But what happened? Enough people complained that they didn't feel "safe" and so the Council kept the lights on all night. You just can't bloody win here Greg
  10. Street Lights For and Against

    I have some very impressive before and after shots too. Before was Sodium street lighting and the sky was a BRIGHT sickly yellow. After, the sky (to the eye) looked much darker and you could see many more stars. Here's the rub. Astroimaging wise the sky is WORSE with the LED lighting than it was with the Sodium lighting!!! Has Parker lost it? How can it possibly be worse when you can see far more stars by eye - and that of course is the argument the local Councillors use when convincing the plebs that LED lighting is so much better for the night sky. Well the problem is that manufacturers made really efficient light pollution filters which took out ALL the Sodium light pollution. You cannot have a filter for the LED lighting as it is broadband. So what you find is that Sodium filtered skies are DARKER to the CCD than the skies where LED street lights are fitted. So even though the LED lights are better shielded, enough bounces back off the ground, trees, whatever to actually make the skies worse than they were before. Greg
  11. Street Lights For and Against

    Thanks guru. I am going to see if I can get my council to turn lights off a few nights a month (around new moon time) to save energy and assist kids with learning the sky (a forgotten art). Ray
  12. Street Lights For and Against

    Here's some interesting links for anyone interested: https://www.nobelprize.org/prizes/medicine/2017/press-release/ https://britastro.org/dark-skies/cfds_issues.php?topic=economic https://asv.org.au/downloads/ARationalefortheMandatoryLimitationofOutdoorLighting.pdf OUTDOOR LIGHTING AND CRIME, PART 1: https://asv.org.au/downloads/Outdoor Lighting and Crime, Part 1.pdf OUTDOOR LIGHTING AND CRIME, PART 2: https://asv.org.au/downloads/Outdoor Lighting and Crime, Part 2.pdf
  13. Street Lights For and Against

    Ray, I can't remember which sites I quoted each time I approached council but there was a lot of them. It was a few years ago. The internet is full of information to assist us in fighting light pollution. I googled all the ones I used by searching for papers on subjects like: Light Pollution, streetlighting effects on wildlife, Light Pollution causes breast cancer, preserving dark skies, etc But also be aware, I was given some great info from council staff that at council meetings they don't really listen to facts about how we can't see stars, or how it is damaging our hobby, or that possums can't sleep. They will say these are important to them (just rhetoric). What really makes them consider reduction, or controlling further development is when you speak Dollars! Show them proof that they can save a LOT of money annually on their streetlighting power bills and then you've got their interest. That's what finally helped us. There are figures on the net showing how much less power the LED streetlighting uses. It is such a major difference that councils all across Victoria have switched over. They have take down the old power hungry streetlights and fit new LED lights. You will hear astronomers across the world complain about LED lighting because it is brighter and their wavelength is hard to filter out for astrophotography. But they hadn't done any tests with the actual lights in place. They only read specs. Why LED lights are far better for us (besides council saving big dollars) is that despite their brighter light, and multi-wavelength spectrum, they are shielded! That means that although below the light is brighter and multi wavelength the light only goes down, not upwards into the sky as most lighting does, and after many teats we don't have ANY problems with any multi-wavelengths because the light doesn't get up to the sky. At our Clubsite/Observatory our sky has gone noticably darker since the new LED lights have been fitted and we have a streetlight right out front of our observatory. Photos show a major difference. This is the streetlight out front of our Observatory. Notice how far up the trees (and sky) the 'before' light goes, compared to the light cut off completely half way up the trees and the darker sky in the 'after' pic:
  14. Street Lights For and Against

    Ken do you have those findings? Be handy to show my local councilor (whom I know very well). Ray
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  16. Street Lights For and Against

    It's a tough task Ray, getting reduced lighting is a BIG movement worldwide by several organisations and it is taking decades to get anywhere. One of the main excuses councils, town planners, communities, and businesses use is the feeling of safety and security, which has now been proven to be the opposite. I totally understand the necessity for lighting along dark pathways and back lanes for personal safety, but almost all lighting worldwide is poorly designed and implemented. With correct lighting design we would ALL see the sky, anywhere! Some of the organisations attempting to make a difference are: Australian Dark Sky Register (Australia) Australasian Dark Sky Alliance (Australia/NZ) International Dark Sky Association (Worldwide) ANPCEN (France) Astronomitaly (Italy) CieloBuio (Italy) Niue Dark Sky Initiative (Nuie) Campaign for Dark Skies (UK) Canadian Geographic (Canada) National Dark Sky Week (USA) Cheers, Ken
  17. 1st Images from my new 450d

    Yes Ray, EOS Utilities requires a computer. It is the capture software that comes on the Canon camera disk. It's very basic but works great. Obviously there are better capture programs, but they cost money . . . except ImagesPlus which is one of the best (if not THE best) capture software but it is verryyy complicated. The author/owner of ImagesPlus has retired and made if freely available now instead of the old price of $279 Personally I find BackyardEOS far better and easier to use and only cost AU$50 for the Premium Edition (link) Yeah, 450d is a great camera and plenty go cheap. Look HERE
  18. Well its obvious I am against it. Most kids these days can't point out and name one constellation due to our local governments allowing the sky to be polluted. I know streetlights also mess with animals mating and feeding times. And I did read that some streetlights could cause cancers due to the melatonin levels we should have during sleep being incorrect. I've been told by my local council that streetlights give people a sense of security. My response is, if you are scared, get some sensors and cameras installed, they are super cheap these days, and we shouldn't have to pay for people's fears. IMO, streetlights are a huge waste of money and waste huge amounts of energy as well, because 99% of the light is never actually seen. What is better, streetlights that have sensors which are pretty cheap and easy to use, or turning them off at 10pm? What's the solution? How do we convince councils and local governments to take this seriously? Ray,
  19. Cheers Ken. And you are right, it is worth starting another thread. Ray
  20. 1st Images from my new 450d

    Does EOS require a laptop? Or is this the firmware? I've actually kept a ton of Elite Chrome 200 slide film in my freezer, so once I get a small tracking mount, I'll have to use those as well. But certainly will check eBay Ken and checkout those earlier Canon's. 450d sounds like a bargain. Ray
  21. 1st Images from my new 450d

    One of our club members has a fantastic little portable kit using a DSLR. Fortunately older Canons that are more than adequate are very cheap now. My 450d was only $310 on ebay. There's plenty more on ebay. He has his 450d mounted on a Skywatcher Star Adventurer tracking mount. He is set up and imaging in about 5 minutes, and pack up takes him about 3 minutes. No fancy software, he just uses the Canon capture software that comes with the cameras disk. (EOS utilities) He gets the same results as us with our fancy gear, but his is so basic. Ken
  22. SW Black Diamond 120mmx1000mm Refractor

    Ray, there is interesting statistics available now after a 20 year research study into security lighting worldwide. It shows that areas with an abundance of security lighting and streetlighting have higher crime rates and burglaries/break-ins. Areas that added to their lighting to feel 'safer' had their burglary rates skyrocket. The reason is because burglars can see what they are doing. Lighting helps burglars. In dark areas burglars have to use a torch and people see the torch light moving, and they often make more noise. Hearing or seeing this people call the police. Also, too much lighting has now been proven to cause cancers, especially Breast Cancer in women. The human body MUST HAVE several hours of total darkness to stay in balance. In some research they found that even the slight bit of light from an electronic clock next to the bed can be enough to disturb the body's circadian rhythm, weakening the body's immunity. Lighting at night has many problems and hardly any benefits. There's a lot of info available on the internet now to use against council (and industrial) lighting. But this subject is for another thread. Not for this one about Skywatcher 120mm refractors
  23. 1st Images from my new 450d

    Yes, I remember that setup. Once I purchase a DSLR (which I've been wanting to for years), I think a little tracker mount for travelling would be well suited for me. I used to travel with full kit, but the setting up and pulling down at 3a.m, plus the drive home (and the easy convenient observatory in my backyard) put rest to those days. Ray
  24. Wow! I'm so jealous. There is such an over abundance of streetlights in our neighborhood. I did speak with someone at council once, and he said turning night into day makes people feel safe, even though they are sleeping through 98% of the light emitted all night. Kind of silly really, its like society needs a night light to feel safe. With CCTV tech being so cheap and effective, many other ways to keep the suburbs safe IMO. P.S Would love to buy a farm out in the middle of woop woop one day. Ray
  25. 1st Images from my new 450d

    Thanks Greg Cheers, Ken
  26. 1st Images from my new 450d

    Thanks Ray. No mate, no DSLR tracker mount. I'm still using the same setup I posted a year ago (the DSLR is in the 6 inch reflector) In this link:
  27. 1st Images from my new 450d

    Good work!!!! Greg
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