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wingeing Pom

Processing DSS images

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Attached is an image of the Sadr region I processed this afternoon from DSS data. Making your own images like this is EASY. Go to the Skyview Query Form and download the Red and Blue FITS files from DSS2. Using Noel Carboni's Astronomy Actions there's a "Create RGB image from FITS channel files", this needs you to have FITS Liberator talking to Photoshop which can be a project in itself. Having created an RBB image (you put the blue channel into the green channel as there is no green filter for DSS data), you then go to "Create a synthetic green channel" in Noel's actions and you will end up with a fairly decent RGB rendering of your object. Then it's just a matter of doing your usual image processing steps to tart up the image. Good luck.




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Great floating dust lanes. So much detail, great work from the DSS data Prof. 


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