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Back at the planetary

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Weather has been quite abusive here of late, heat, hurricanes and what not.  Finally have had a couple of great nights where it's been cool and clear, (yes, both at the same time.  Can you believe it!)  My first two nights out my images sucked.  I blamed the seeing as per usual.  After the second night out I decided something was amiss.  After I had built my observatory, (mine, mine, mine...)  I set up everything as per usual.  Everything leveled, plumbed, drifted in the tracking, collimated the scope, (wait, what!)

Yep collimated.  It was perfect just through an eyepiece. NOT, through the imaging train!  I believe K-man (Daryl,) had mentioned this once before.  An example forthcoming...  Just a couple of more very fine tweaks and I believe The collimation will be perfect.

Still using the Celestron C9.25, ZWO120mm cam, Telvue Powermate,  Baader LRGB filters, a 685nm on Saturn, and a 742nm on Jupiter every now and then for luminence.  Really liking the iOptron CEM 70 (at least till it craps out on me...)


Here's any ugly one...


Much better!


Maybe with that final tweak to the collimation I will be able to get the Encke.

Well, that's about it for now folks,

Peace out, Tim.

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That is so cool, how they are getting sharper. Those last two deliver nicely. Give me image capture software, and image processing. I was doing some solar work last week, using Registax. But seeing as Jupe and Saturn are returning, I might have to dust off my planetary camera. 


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