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Kokatha man

Crikey..!!! - over one year later!!!

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Well, hi all the old crew here - it has been a funny old year that's been & gone for sure...finishing up for us with Pat being told in November that she urgently required a quadruple by-pass which she had on 21st December & has recovered well from - hopefully quite a few more miles in her tank now! :)

On a somewhat similar subject Mark the mobile caravan service man visited today & got our van ship-shape & we hope to head off for a few days of fishing soon just to break the cycle of late: apart from not travelling nearly as much last year mainly due to either covid or the constantly cloudy weather, we have not used the van since early October. :(

I thought I'd touch base & post some of our mars images from the 2020 apparition...as said the weather was very poor but we set ourselves the task of creating a set of Mars images to cover the entire vista of Mars' globe & were successful, creating annotated disk maps where quite a lot of Martian features are listed. (can't remember the name for Martian geography is atm :lol: )

I'll make a normal map sometime also, probably before the start of Jovian & Saturn imaging commences but we'll be scaling back quite a bit as age & infirmity tax us nowadays! :lol: 

For 2020 Mars rose to 50° at the most with most imaging done at about 48° - next time around we'll be older & slower & Mars will be much lower again so this might represent our last real chance at decent images.....as it was the ADC was an essential piece of equipment for the elevations we had to work with..! 

Greetings to everyone who comes here & I hope all the old crew are still upright & mobile..!!!









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Wow mate, you are delivering some serious images. That is true planetary eye candy, and no easy feat. I don't recall ever seeing such as well resolved Olympus Mons. Makes me want to pull out a Mars map and go over all those pertinent details you have captured. 

P.S Glad Pat's triple bypass went well. 


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Awesome captures Daryl.  Especially the first posting (my favorite.)  Olympus Mons looks like a zit poking out from the surface.  (I know not a pretty analogy but it's how it struck me.)  Glad to hear from you as well.  Keep on truckin!


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Hi Ray & Tim - thanks, & good to hear from you two! I was thinking of you two (& Shane) when I dropped in here yesterday...a fairly hot day today & I've replaced the wheels with new tyres on the van a few minutes back - time for my senior's nap now..! :lol: 

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