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90mm SW Refractor on order.

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Hi All. Have just ordered a Skywatcher Black Diamond 90X900mm Refractor Telescope from Greg at NVT My local Astro store.   Having been in Non-spending mode for quite a long time, had accumulated a few pennies and decided to grab this unit.  A tad over $400 with postage and a manual Alt/Az mount. These mounts lend themselves to being motorised very simply by obtained geared 9Volt control boxes replacing the hand control knobs.  I have done this with an earlier manual mount. which I have for my MAK90. 

This and the MAK90 can easily be tossed into the car and drive to a dark paddock and without busting my back with my larger DOBS,

Now all we need now is for this cloud to pack up and disappear and the postie deliver to get on board with a bit more activity.



Cheers Dave.  :) 


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Greg was unable to get the Refractor, so he went through his stock and came up Skywatcher Black Diamond Maksutov 127mm x f1500mm OTA. He whittled the price down to bare bones and I just had to find a few more DB.  Saved shipping and picked up as NVT is only 15 mins from my place. :)

With 2" Focuser w/- 90 deg adapter 28mm 2" Super plossle. Adapter rings for 1.25" eyepieces. 

Dave :)


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