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Hi Ray, As well as can be expected.  Have just completed a round of Pathology, Bone and CT Scans and now waiting for appointment for review by Oncologist, which will probably be called in the next 2 weeks. As far as I know, everything is running smoothly and the Implant Injection every 12 weeks is doing its job well.

No Astronomy, have the SW Mak90 set up and sometimes have look around the Moon. but with all the blinkin cloud (No rain) every night setting up the the 10" is not very inviting.

I have an old timer friend who has an 8" dob, who wants to do a local setup with me to check it out.  That could be rather interesting "IF" we are ever going to get some clear skies?

We have some local parks close by which would be ideal for the project.

Trust all is well with you.



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All is good on my end. However we had a powercut about a month ago and that killed my motherboard in my observatory computer. So annoying. I imagine it is the motherboard because I cannot get video from either the motherboard or video card. I run four monitors in my observatory. I had just finished revamping the observatory as well. So I have missed some clear nights. I am time poor at the moment, so getting the PC fixed was one of the last things I thought I would have to do. I'll have to get some computer guy out I think. 


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