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Rosette nebula

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I took this from Pasadena with a TRIAD filter from OPT corp that eliminates light pollution for emission nebulas letting through only H-Alph, H-beta and Oxygen wave lengths. I used my 4" Stellarvue refractor with field flattener, iOptron CEM 60 mount, QHYL8 camera. two hours and thirty minutes exposure yielded this image. clear cold nights have been good imaging weather here. 5c2fba4fa1f8b_rosette2postjan19.jpg.fe6aa41e292abb0ada093792c1e0722d.jpg

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That can be a real puzzle! I had awful Guiding problems with my earlier mounts that included a Meade LX90 on a wedge, a Vixen mount, finally success with my Celestron CGEM for several years but on occasion it just went nuts. Now I'm using an iOptron CEM60 that is the best ever. My guiding graph is nearly two flat interwoven lines and makes guiding a pleasure, but for how long before something changes? Who knows? hang in there.

IMG_8606 guiding post.jpg

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