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Shaky Moon Shots

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I live on a mainroad and each car that passes makes my 4 metre scope shake like a mother. The shake effect seems to be worse on my planetary (this camera) than when I shoot on my large format QSI. I really need better dampening technology in the ground for my pier to prevent those vibrations travelling upward. 

Anyone know what the straight gully's are caused by in the first photo?

Moon0025 18-10-16 20-02-26.jpg

Below - Ray's X-wing fighter is clearly shown on the right handside here. I managed to snap its shadow as it was chasing an imperial tie-fighter smuggling the data of a rebel stronghold. 

Moon0027 18-10-16 20-09-59.jpg

The shaky-ness of my pier causes my histogram to spill over and cause the excessive white point.


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