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Over the years when I have been involved with medical issues, especially those of a serious nature, I have often turned to throwing a bit of paint at a canvas.  It is a very relaxing hobby.  but also at the same time a big challenge, one of the hardest things about oil painting, or in any other medium come to that, is the blank white space staring at you from the easel. I have rarely painted using photos or pictures and never copy other artist's work.  In general I sit gazing at the blank canvas and mentally imagine a scene, describing the scene to myself.  -- It also helps to be slightly mad to achieve this !

Here are a couple of my renditions.  Not worth a lot ATM, but probably millions when I am dead. :) .....N-Joy

I will soon be adding an Art page to my Website with more of my works.


#1.  Meadow Falls Oil on canvas 36" x 48"  (The remotes are not part of the picture! Should have removed them off the cupboard!)

#2.  Mountain Fall Oil on canvas 24" x 20"




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Wow mate, that's beautiful. More talent than I have to. Well done. Any star scape paintings?


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