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Certainly freakazoid weather here in Perth 60mm of rain in January totally unheard of as ex Tropical cyclone Joyce wandered down the coast from Broome.   Certainly dumped some much need water on the garden which was looking like a piece of burnt toast ! Strong wind gusts too in places, Val's summer swinging chair bought it ! But then that's Chinese canvas for you.  Will replace it with a decent cover from local canvas people.

Late season cyclones that come south as Tropical Lows can still pack a punch.  I recall Cyclone Alby which made mince meat out of my trapped vertical several years ago ! 



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Crazy weather mate, didn't stop raining for two days straight in the hottest week of summer. Usually wouldn't see a cloud for weeks or months at this time of year. 


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Normally we go from November thru March with no rain. In 24 hours we had more rain than the whole monthly average. Late cyclones in the North West invariably track down the coast as tropical  low pressure sytems.  The past week has seen very cloudy hot and humid weather that tracked from Broome in the NW across to the Central  wheatbelt and Goldfields affected large areas along the western coastline.   Today saw clear skies, but another band is tracking down and the bureau threaten 30% chance of rain tomorrow.  In the NW it is the "Wet Season" with monsoonal rains.  But half the Top end in WA and NT is under water, roads and rivers  have vanished under huge lakes.


I think they call it Global Warming.  Over in the Eastern States they are breaking records for high temps like  never seen before. The Weather Bureau has added an additional colour to their weather maps to cover temps over 45C.   And of course we still have that dirty great hole in the Ozone Layer above The Southern hemisphere.  UV index on most days is Extreme. 20 minutes laying unprotected in the sun and you end up getting burned.   

I see on TV that Greenland is having huge Ice melts exposing land never see before without ice and snow cover.   Not sure where all this is going to end. 



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