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As I have commented briefly elsewhere, I have mentioned that at my age I have the inevitable cataracts developing, today its a very simple matter to remove them and I attend the Perth Eye Clinic, which has produced some of the finest Eye Surgeons in Australia if not the world.  

Today I had my 9 monthly eye and basically things are good.  Glaucoma pressures are low and the medication is managing that well, but there is an increased activity with the Cataracts which were diagnosed around 18 months ago.  The surgeon advised me to book in again in September for a further examination when they would review them and most probably operate before the end of the year (2018).

If I experience any faster deterioration I have to call in sooner.   I did notice my vision was not up to scratch when I checked the last full moon using the SW MAK 90/EQ1 and abandoned the event due to back issues.  I think the Super Moon on Jan 31, will be a good event to see what actually is happening, when my son comes up to assist me in setting up the EQ6Pro/SW10". 

Those who have been following me will know my wife, who currently is back home in St Petersburg ATM also has been diagnosed with Cataracts and has been set for surgery on February 12 next.

Watch this space :)


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