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Moonlight under the arches

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Last night the weather was good so I decided to spend another night in the very beautiful area of Nidd Gorge. This time I wanted to take some pictures and a time lapse of the viaduct with the night sky. The moon was almost full and it was to the left of the scenes as you look at them. I started shooting at 7pm and finished about 5am today. I took over 900 pictures altogether.
These were taken with my Sony A7Sii and Tamron 15-30mm f2.8 lens. For the second clip I used a Syrp G...enie panning motor.
Exposures were all 30 seconds at f2.8 and ISO 4000
During the night I heard an otter going for a swim, some owls calling to each other and one particularly loud pheasant that had a lot to say for itself.
The video can be seen at the link below and is in HD and 4K

Nidd Gorge Viaduct-225 large.jpg

Nidd Gorge Viaduct-666 large.jpg

viaduct star trail large.jpg

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