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Is Luminance Overrated?

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Exploring PixInsight lately and fiddling with some deconvolution settings, you can almost create an artificial luminance channel from the RGB data and increase it to 1x1 binning to give you the same effect as a 1x1 bin. Its almost indiscernible using a real luminance channel as opposed to an artificial one (with the image I'm using here). Admittedly shooting at 1x1 would certainly capture more detail, but deconvolution of an artificial luminance channel can get you there if you run out of clear skies. I guess it depends on how much you want to pull from your imaging session. 

Anyway, just worth nothing, if intricate detail is not part of the final image, you could get away without the lum. 


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Yep I have used the RGB data as a pseudo Luminance in the past, and as you say Ray, apart from fine detail there is no discernible difference that I could see. Having said that I still shoot Luminance to get the best possible detail in all my shots.



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