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NGC 6769

Object Info:
NGC 6769 (upper), NGC 6770 (lower) and NGC 6771 (right), Interacting galaxy trio, Located towards the far southern constellation of Pavo (the Peacock), this cosmic tango is happening 190 million lightyears away. While NGC 6769 seems pretty intact, its neighbour shows heavily disturbed spiral arms. All three galaxies display a similarly bright central bulge. 

Number of Subs:
L 30  , R  30  , G  30  , B 30

Sub Length:
10 min

Total Integration Time:

Imaging Camera: 
Moravian G2 2000

Imaging Telescope: 

Focal Length: 

Image Scale:
1.24 arcsec/pixel 

Field of View: 
25 x 33 arcmin 
SW NEQ6 Pro, belt modded

Guide Scope: 
Orion ST80

Guide Camera: 
Prostar LP colour (toupcam)

Capture Software: 
APT Astrophotography Tool

Guide Software: 
PHD Guiding 2

Processing Software: 



LRGB NGC 6769 annotated.jpg

LRGB NGC 6769.jpg

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Wow mate, that is a really good effort. Truly deep space. That is one of your best images IMO. Spiral structure is well resolved at 190mil/lys. 



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Cheers Ray. Like you the weather here makes for long time between images and a lot of effort over many nights to collect the data.



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