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Proms from April 2nd

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I took a couple of quick shots yesterday. Sol's been putting on some great shows last few times I've viewed it. Looks great through the eyepiece. This is a OSC image with only levels adjusted in PS. 



Seeing as I can see myself doing a lot more solar work, I might absorb some tutorials to balance surface detail against the prominences. 

At 12 O'clock there is a super faint, but very large prom in the second photo. Note that the first photo shows the bottom that has been rotated. 


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5 hours ago, poppasmurf said:

Are they taken with the Prostar LP mate?



Sure are mate. I'm very happy with it. About to dismantle my QSI and try Jupe with the Prostar. Very interesting little camera IMO. 

3 hours ago, beren said:

Nice images Ray :)

Thanks buddy. 

54 minutes ago, timthelder said:

Sweet!  (Man it feels warm in here..)


lol, sweet!


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