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wingeing Pom

ISS pass 01/04/2017

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A 5-minute ISS pass tonight - and just like last night it was mostly clear as I was setting up and then clouded over as the ISS came over the horizon.

Still got the little blighter though :)




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Nice one.  Seen it several times but never thought about catching it.  Last week was setting up the 10" and happened to look up and saw it very brightly at dusk on a SW to NE trajectory.  Called Val out of the kitchen to see it.  Some where in a suitcase of old photos I have a black and white shot of  "Sputnik".  Now that going back a few years caught it at North Walsham in Norfolk. I also have a tracking program and often thought of giving them a call on the Ham radio frequenqies.  Another of those "round Tuits"



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