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Christmas in Western Australia

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Around the world when someone mentions Christmas and Trees in the same sentence, one immediately thinks of a snow laden Pine trees. In Western Australia we have a unique Christmas Tree which is only found on the coastal plains within the region of  Perth of WA.   It only flowers late November to end of December.  It is a parasite and requires a host tree, which can be quite a distance away.  It is a member of plant genus Mistletoe .

This photo I took in 2013, was also used on the front cover of the Wildflower Association of WA  magazine on their first new cover format of plain paper to one of  gloss photos.

Taken with a Canon EOS 350 at a reserve at Bullcreek in the Perth Metro. (The original has been reduced in size for quicker loading)


Xmas Tree 2013.jpg

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Thanks, Yes they are absolutely dazzling in the sun.  That photo is totally untouched other than reducing from RAW to JPG then chopping it in size. The original is around 7MB in size.


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