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This region seemed to be brighter than I thought it would be. 65 x 300 seconds LRGB. The blue and green channel data is almost non-existent. I've cropped the edges and played with the levels and contrast. I need to push this through PI once I get some spare time to learn how to use it.  


Amazing how much red the camera picked up. Some dust donuts in there, I'll have to reshoot my flats. As always feedback welcome. 


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looks mostly good to me Ray, except a few stars with rings around them. PI has a deringing algorithm for that in one of the tools (need to check on obs pc which tool), other than that it looks quite noise free and well defined to my untrained eye.


Another target I have always wanted to image one day.




p.s. just checked PI, the deringing is part of HDRMultiscaleTransform tool. It works a treat with some trial and error to get the settings right.

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Another winner Ray! I envy the view you get with that 14 SCT! beautiful on that galaxy last time, picked up lots of inner details, dust lanes etc. nice work. we have clouds and a new visitor to my observatory in my back yard... a mountain lion! I'll be doing imaging from my family room suing remote feed from my laptop and WIFI to the scope to control things. just about have it set up so when the couds clear I'll be back on line.

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