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I've been using a Quark chromosphere now since May and just wanted to share what an absolute delight this piece of equipment is (albeit I never seem to have enough cloud free sky to get it right on band). I had been using a ST80 but felt this was lacking and not a great match for the Quark in terms of focal length. I've since moved to a 120mm refractor and hope the images show how capable the Quark is.

Solar AR 120mm - 2.jpg

Solar AR 120mm.jpg

Solar Prominence 9th Oct 2016.jpg

Solar Surface 120mm.jpg




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24 minutes ago, Astro_Pool said:

These are amazing photos Woowahgeek. Are these from stacking AVI's? What camera and FL are you using?


Cheers Dave :-) Yes, these are stacked images. Each picture was produced from stacking 30 seconds of footage (approx 1200 frames) and selecting the best 50% in Autostakkert2. The focal length of my 120mm is f8.3, when you add the Quark (barlowed to 4.2) you get a FL of  approx f/35, which seems to be ideal both for visual and photography.

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Epic stuff Al. Great advert for the Quark Chromosphere. Hard to go past those shots.


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