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Mars 3 Saturn 2

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Used my 2.5 power mate tonight to get some image scale on Mars. It didn't do too bad even though Mars was bouncing all over the screen. First one is 1500 frames per channel. Mars-1-2-3.jpg.aa1d177393f6c845190b9288f

This one was 3 minutes per channel, (I can't remember what the final stack was). The 9 minute duration may have blurred it a bit.


Finally this was 60 second per channel. 


I'd say the top one got the best data. 

Couple of Saturn's here as well. My post processing is rusty as hell. I simply go through very generic registax and photoshop processing. I need to fine tune all this (noise reduction, sharpening etc). Tonight was more of a warm up to doing better work. I also had the guidescope going for the first time guiding my C14, worked a treat, did a heap of M16 subs which I'll fiddle with later. 



Thanks for looking


Saturn 11 12 13.tif

Saturn 15 16 17.tif

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Shane these shots weren't guided, but I have Maxim DL and PHD. I used Maxim last night to start shooting The Pillars of Creation. Since 2012 when I purchased my QSI camera with the off axis guider I haven't been able to guide, which means I've had a serious drought of imaging. I tried every permutation to get the off axis guiding to work but for some reason shooting at prime focus through the 4000mm focal length C14 couldn't work, no matter how small the guiding corrections it would always move too much. Last night, focused the guide camera, had the Maxim guide settings on default, hit guide and she did it easily (what a breath of fresh air buying that guidescope). Can't wait to get out under the stars and start shooting some DSO's. 


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Maxim hasn't missed a beat. Last night I guided from 8pm to 3.30am. The star didn't waiver in the slightest (sometimes I had to make sure the guide camera was actually working because the guide star just wasn't moving. I'll go as far to say that last night was the most stable guiding I've seen (and those were Maxim's default settings). I'm very impressed with it.


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