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Posting images in the forum

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There have been several including myself having difficulty uploading attachments to the forums. I will try to provide a couple of tips.

I think I've figured out what is up with the attachment feature. Late last night I had a really good signal (I'm on a 4G network, not Wi-Fi) I was able to upload a couple of attachments, INSTRUCTIONS BELOW.

Currently I do not have a great signal and cannot even upload the same attachment I previously uploaded. (in another thread.)

What is happening is the upload is 'timing out' due to a slow upload data rate.

If you have a good internet connection (data rate) and want to 'upload' an image.

To attach a file, (image) choose the upload attachment icon at upper right. Then click the upload attachment button at lower left. The 'browse' window should open. Notice in the browse window at bottom right there is a drop down arrow. Select 'PICTURE'/ .jpeg, NOT all files. Go to the location where the image you want to upload is located, then select your image and upload it.

You should see another little window with upload bars meaning it is uploading. If all you see is a little window at the top of the page that says 'working' your connection is too slow.

IF you get an error window, after uploading just refresh the page, this also applies to when you post a new topic or reply etc. Try the refresh icon in your browser window.


There are more that one way to skin a cat. (no offense to cat lovers) Off forum photo hosting sites are very popular. I use photobucket myself and flicker.

code can simply be pasted into a post where you want your off site image to appear.

There is an 'insert image' icon at the top right of the advanced editor window which supports URL..

One can also use a link the URL of their image using the 'link' icon.

I recommend reviewing your post before posting AND at any time you get an error, try the refresh button n your browser.

Post'em if you got'em!

Cheers, Tim.

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It works with Photobucket's "IMG" code too.


I have learned not to use that particular saying around Chocky the Cat. She is quick to remind me that with her hypodermic claws she is far better equipped for skinning, than I am! :smiley-laughing006:

Quod Erat Demonstrandum !

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