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Just been googling my fingers off trying to get an approximate position on this things position.

Best I can come up with is closest appraoch is 5:28pm CST or 23:28GMT on the 8th, for my location.

It will be passing in the west, toward the inner solar system...

Found a couple of simulations, but they seem to be conflicting (or confusing.)


Would just like to get a wide angle shot of the fly-by, if anyone runs across a decent map of it's pass, please post a link.


Meanwhile I'll keep searching...

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Looking at the I/R satellite radar' date=' doesn't look like I will get a shot anyway....!#$%^&! clouds!![/quote']

Sorry Tim, this is my fault, I've recently unpacked and played with my new CCD camera, so cloud is now a definite for the next few weeks.


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