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ETX 125 optical tube second life

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Reading Tim's explanation of hs new focuser, I was motivated to share what I've doen with my Meade ETX 125 to expand its usefulness. As sold with its dual fork mount, it is a perfect grab and go, goto scope for visual use. Whe I first got it, I had issues with its drives, gears, alignment, you name it, but Meade was in Irvine california nto too far to drive it in for service, and they were very prompt at turning it around. Sensing their move to Mexico couuld put service in the future out of reach, I decided to un mount the optical tube from its base, so i coudl use it on my Celestron Nexstar mount for grab and go, and on my CGEM for imaging. The ETX 125 optical tube is a truly remarkably sharp high contrast scope that really delivers on planets and high mgnification objects. It is very slow, so that limits its deep sky targets, but with an f6.3 and their f3.3 focal reducers, it produces amazing images. I have fastened a veixen style Losmandy dove tail plate to its 1/4 20 screw holes for tripod in its base and it now rides well on my two other mounts.

for sheer ease of use, as it slight weight and its delightful shaprness, I use it a lot for visitors and others making its second life very productive.

It can easily be re-installed on its original base to travel as well.


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These are a sample, haven't taken much deep sky, but Mark Sibole has and posted them on the ETX portion of Meade's gallery site where he lists several galaxy pictures taken piggy back on his larger Lx200. Mine are from my Nexstar or CGEM mounts. Mine were takne with an LPI camera, 500 frames or more stacked using autostar.




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