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SkyWatcher BD ED120 + HEQ5pro

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Skywatcher bd ed 120, heq5 goto


G'day, Due to ongoing health issues, I am selling my almost new (3 mths old) SkyWatcher Black Diamond ED120, HEQ5 GoTo mount and heaps of eyepieces and accessories with the remainder of the 5 year warranty on the OTA and mount (4yrs and 9mths). Bought from Sirius Optics here in Brisbane, bought purely for Astrophotography, has been setup 4 times . I find it hard to use when medicated to the eyeballs and asleep when the Cosmos shows itself

Eyepieces- 5,10,12.5,15 and 25mm 1.25" 28 and 40mm 2"

Other accessories- 12.5mm illuminated Reticle eyepiece, 2" EOS camera addapter and T-ring, Dessicant cap and lots of refills, Bahtinov mask, Kendrick dual control Dew heater and 2" and 6" straps, 1.25" Moon filter, Canon EOS camera bag for eyepieces etc, Digital Astrophotography by Stefan Seip 2006 and Astronomical Objects for Southern Telescopes by E J Hartung 1968 (an oldie but an excellent reference) books.

The tripod and HEQ mount come in custom build form ply boxes with lockable latches and super high density foam.

Price $3000.00 - a bargain considering the total cost of this outfit and warranty. I can deliver local (up to 200km radius) and there is a possibility that in a few weeks time I can drop off between Brisbane and Melbourne, as I have to be in Melbourne for a specialist meeting and figured I might drive down and enjoy some quality leisure time - not guaranteed though.

For those that want a complete package, I also have a Canon EOS 400D with battery grip, Canon 18-55mm, 70-300mm III and 100mm Macro lens (non USM), YongYuo YN467 flash, spare batteries, 2x 8 GB CF cards, charger, a few other odds and ends, bag and David Busch Canon EOS 400D book that describes everything you need to know about using this camera (260 pages). $800 ono.

Will not seperate either package, all you need is a power pack (keeping mine) and you are away. PM here or Email me at clogwog69@bigpond.com for further details or pictures.

Regards and thanks for looking, Dutch

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