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Bintel (GSO) Superview 15mm, 30mm

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Well here goes, my first attempt at a review. Keep in mind that I am no optic expert, this review will be short and mention what I saw on first use.

The EP's were Bintel(GSO) 1.25" 15mm and 2" 30mm.

First impressions were that these EP's are fantastic, concidering they are budget EP's the finish is very good and they feel rather weighty. Upon further viewing I noticed slight colouring of stars at the edge of the field but not enough to worry me. Also focus seemed a little off at the edge of the fov. Centre focus was just great with plenty of contrast with both EP's.

Conclusion: For someone on a tight budget that wants a reasonable AFOV with reasonable performance these EP's are worth a try, I am very happy with the performance of both, although the 30mm 2" was my favorite(and will be for some time), viewing globular clusters and wide nebula was a pleasure with this EP, as it was with the 15mm, but I preferred the wider views with 30mm.

I hope this helps anyone looking at purchasing either of these pieces of equipment.



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That 15mm will reign supreme once you get stuck on Saturn or Jupiter. The wider eyepieces are my fav to.


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