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Venus 17th Aug. 2010

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I had a pretty good run this arvo with good seeing. Decided on a day time shoot with Venus @ approx. 50 deg. Subtle cloud detail present despite not bothering with a UV run with the DMK.

300 stacked from 6000.


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Nice images John....!:thumbsupmate::thumbsupmate::thumbsupmate:

On my list with the appropriate filters in my EFW and Venus so high in the sky in the late arvo.....but I'm all dressed up and nowhere to go at present with clouds, clouds and more clouds!

Heading bush next week and we've decided that we'll stay out there in the van (and/or move around) untill we get a couple of half-decent sessions.....memo everywhere in Australia - it'll be blanket cloud cover over the entire continent...!!:eek::rolleyes::smiley-laughing021:

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