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New 16 inch dobsonian light shroud for sale

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I am selling a brand new Astrozap 16 inch light shroud that will suit 16 inch GSO and Lightbridge trussed dobsonians. This shroud comes with two stiffening bands and draw strings at each end built in.

The shroud has never been used in the field. It has been on my scope inside my shed just to see how it fitted.

The reason for selling is that due to a truss modification I had done it no longer fits the diameter of the tube assembly.

Here is the Astrozap link showing the cost in US for the shroud and picture of what I have for sale.


Asking price AUD $110 this includes postage with-in Australia only.

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Hi Sergey

I still have the light shroud if you are interested It is in perfect condition and still sitting in the box I brought it in.

I can not see any problems with the fit on that scope. The outer corner on the tube slides look to be no different to the turn bolts on my GSO to pull the draw strings over.

That scope should be a sweet bit of gear with goto on it. I wish mine had it.

Cheers Anthony

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