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Camera Gadget Garage SALE!!

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Hi Folks

Cleaning out cupboards in observatory yesterday_found some kit I really just do not use

here is a list

1 Samsung camcorder,12 months old,little use ,34 times zoom,two batteries,cords,charger,drivers etc in box,still smells 'new' Takes SD cards,easy to get images on to lap top,also has U tube software.

I paid $350 for,selling for $200 includes postage

2.Logitic quick cam for note books,I paid $55 selling $35 includes postage,nine months old,used once.

3 Canon EOS RC 1 remote fire button in box,never used $30 includes postage

4 Canon 'Niffty Fiffty" 50 mm prime lens F 1.8,a great way to get into lower F number lenses,I purchased late last year-still under warranty,used twice.

its surplus to requirements after purchasing a 17-55 F 2.8

selling for $90 includes postage

All prices include postage to AUSTRALIAN destinations only.

All items boxed,with instructions,and everything that came in the box,and really have had very little use.

See pics ( I have'nt got 50 mm F 1.8 in photo,I found it after,but happy tp send a photo to your email if you are interested.

PM if interested,thanks Chris

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