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A cool poem of a small kid

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Hi everyone,

Enjoy this poem, it really sounds cool:

Today I Got a Valentine

from everyone but Kay.

But that's alright...

I never liked her that much anyway.

She never trades her Oreos.

She isn't good at catch.

She doesn't like my favorite bands.

Her socks don't often match.

She doesn't play computer games.

She wears her hair in braids.

She's something of a teacher's pet

and always gets good grades.

She dots her i's with little hearts.

She's always reading books.

Whenever I'm around, she gives me

such confusing looks.

But, oh my goodness, here comes Kay,

and what is this I see?

It seems she has an extra special

Valentine for me.

It's big and red has the words

"Will you be mine today?"

I always said there's no one else

I like as much as Kay.

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