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Dog Star

Craters or mounds?

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I've been noticing something slightly peculiar for some time now and I'd appreciate your comments.

Quite often when I look at a photo of a crater or canyon on the Moon or Mars, I don't always interpret it visually as a depression but rather as a mound.

The iconic image of Buzz Aldrin's boot print in the Lunar dust is a classic example. More often than not when I look at this photo, it appears to me to be rising above the surrounding terrain as opposed to indenting it. If I stare at the image for a while, I seem to be able to "reverse" the image and interpret it correctly.

The same thing happens with Lunar and Martian craters. Whilst most of the time I interpret the images correctly as depressions, others look like mounds rising above the terrain and though I can usually re-interpret them, they will often flash back to the mound appearance.

I'm not aware of any problems with depth perception or vision in any other areas of my life, so this strikes me as slightly unusual.

So what I'm wondering is -

Does anyone else experience this?

Does anyone know what's going on here?

Should I consider mentioning it to my doctor?

Any comments (humorous or serious) appreciated.

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