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Canon 400D Astro cooling modded.

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This is now up for sale as I now have the 40D version. This camera takes lovely images and you can see some of these at: http://s383.photobucket.com/albums/oo279/Exfso/?firstLogin=true

This link link gives full details of the specs:



Current retail price $1778USD (approx $2500AUD including GST and customs)

Canon 400D Body only with front cap

Cables (temp, DC power for cooler, usb)

Temp Gauge which monitors the camera's chip temp

Canon 400D manual, software etc.

I am including the following:

Shutter release cable, built by me plus, equivalent to Shoestring DSUSB ($125.00)

USB/Serial interface ($50.00)

Canon ACK-DC20 AC adapter for the Canon 400D ($90.00)

Selling all for $1800.00

PM me if interested

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If they are going to keep cost down then I think it would have to be based on an existing model and not a respin of a astro type expensive CCD camera.

So with that in mind I would want:-

IR filter to allow H alpha through

Genuine monochrome or OSC options

14 bit at least


Low amp glow like the 1000D

Cooled if possible but not if it will cost alot.

Astro T adaptor with it

Allow EOS clip filter


That's it so far


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That's what we call a stage five spammer Exsfo. Some forums require five posts before spammers can place links.

How have things been in your world anyway mate?


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