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Michael O'Mara

Celestron Sky Scout

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Mike I don't own one but I have seen one in use. They are a great way to learn the sky. Rather than going back to a planisphere or star map all the time to know what you are looking at, you know instantly.



Mounted on a telescope or binoculars beginners will instantly love slewing the sky and knowing what they are looking at. I intend on getting one of these units in the coming year.


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G'day Mike,

I have fiddled with one of these units at Perth Observatory. I think they are great for getting people into astronomy and / or learning the night sky.

When they first came out I heard there were some bugs, but apparently Celestron fixed all those. Are you considering buying a secondhand or brand new one? Just make sure you don't get some with bugs if it's secondhand.



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