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NGC 6888 in Ha and OIII reprocessed

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Since posting my image of the "Crescent nebula in two flavours" I have had a go at reprocessing it using a slightly different method to before, this tme I used the LRGB combine in Maxim DL using Ha Ha OIII OIII for the respective channels, I then processed in Photoshop as before and used Noel's tools to create a synthetic blue channel from the red and green as this gave a more pleasing image in my opinion and I think I have got a bit more detail out of it, but I stand corrected if others don't agree. Somebody on another forum in response to my image pointed out to me that I had managed to capture the "New Bubble Nebula" (as yet undesignated), this is to the upper left of the Crescent nebula itself and has the appearance of a very faint perfect circle, here is a link to further information and images


You may have to zoom in and adjust the monitor settings to see it but on my monitor it shows up ok.

Thanks for looking (again)

Best wishes and clear skies to all



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