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NGC 6888 "Crescent nebula" in two flavours

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Hi all

Well I finally managed a clear night with almost uninterupted imaging from 10am to 6am (that is enough of the boasting for now), following on from my image of the Witches broomstick and pickerings triangle image using Ha and OIII data I thought I would try the same witht he crescent nebula. I am still experimanting with numbers of subframes so this time I used 6x10 minutes for Ha and 12x10 minutes for OIII all unguided (although this will change after Kelling Heath)

I used two methods of processing

1. Using Maxim Dl to combine the Ha and OIII as red and green which then as default uses 50% each of the Ha and OIII to make the blue channel, I adjusted this to give 20% Ha and 80% OIII as it was more pleasing on the eye on my monitor, this was then transferred to Photoshop for processing

2. Using the above image in photoshop and using Noel's tools creating a synthetic blue channel using the red and green channel

I have enclosed the first image here, the other image is in the nebulae section of the image gallery on my website http://www.imagingtheheavens.co.uk

When I saw almost uninterupted imaging, the Ha data was affected by some intermittent patchy cloud that was about during the early part of the imaging run so please excuse the image quality.

Thanks for looking

Best wishes and clear skies (especially for Kelling Heath)


This was taken with the TMB 115 f7 with Starlight Xpress H36 on the Paramount ME:smile:


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Stunning effort mate.

Why use Maxim DL to combine, why not just photoshop? I've never used Maxim before, thought I'd ask. I guess it's a program for acquiring images as well as stacking?


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