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ASIGN upgrade and new space-exploration pages

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Hi all!

I have been madly re-building the ASIGN website on a new server for the last two weeks day and night. I managed to get the last nearly three years worth of web building done in this time, but it is done finally! I am so tired!

Maybe after a week of sleep I can get back into astrophotography again.

With the new-look website, comes a better, more streamlined and interactive menu, along with silverlight galleries and new pages. (You only need to download and install silverlight once (free) and then never again.)

My special thanks goes to Ron from www.aussiepeople.com.au for making all this possible. Bless you mate.

The new pages are all about deep space probes and the exploration of the planets. At the moment there is only a main page, but one by one, I will be investigating and bringing each of the planets of our solar system up, along with their robotic explorers. Not only do I hope to illustrate our travels and missions to many in "laymans terms", but I also hope that by studying these things and writing about them, I learn so much more myself. What a journey!

Just a bit of a warning, the site does have a Christian slant, but for those not into that, it mainly contains good and practical information on many aspects of astrophotography and DIY. Please dont feel evangelised or "forced" to suffer religion. Those pages are kept seperate as much as possible.


Please, take a look when you have some time and enjoy!


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