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Hi all

I've just joined the forum. I live in Hereford in the UK and although my interest in astronomy has been active over the years I have just recently been seriously bitten by the imaging bug, to the extent that thanks to working a ridiculous amount of overtime over the last two years I have been able to put my current system together which consists of the following

TMB 115 f7

Celestron C14 + fastar

Paramount ME

Tri-pier 2

Starlight Xpress SXVF M7C, M8C, H36 and lodestar

Nagler 31mm and Ethos 13mm

+ odds and sods

I have only just got the TMB 115 and H36 and have recently got a full set of filters and due to the full moon and light pollution I have been trying out a Ha 13nm filter

My efforts are below


This was 8 x 10 minutes unguided, fog stopped further imaging that night


This was 15 x 10 minutes unguided a couple of nights later, again weather conditions cut short the imaging run


This was 18 x 10 minutes unguided just as the clouds came in

All of the images had very basic processing of just a few mild itterations of curves and contrast enhancement in photoshop. I will post more as they materialise. All the rest of my images can be see on my website


Thanks for looking




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Wow Gordon, that is some serious kit you have. Your shots are awesome to. I notice that all your shots are unguided so far, that mount must be amazing. I would love to own a paramount one day.

Welcome to the site mate. :smile:


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Hey Gordon and welcome to the site :thewave:

Very nice photos, love to see more. :bow: :bow: :bow:

Cheers Jason :pipethinker:

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Hi Del

Thanks for the comments. This particular nebula is IC 1805 or the Heart nebula in Cassiopeia. The bright appendage towards the bottom right is known as the Northern Bear or Ghost nebula, I can't remember the catalogue numbers for these but they can be checked on any search engine. Beyond the top of this image is another nebula called the Soul nebula which together with the Heart nebula make up the Heart and Soul nebula complex which is commonly imaged with wider field scopes and camera lenses.

Best regards


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Firstly welcome to the site!!:smile: :smile:

Secondly i second radars coments , lol , thats some serious kit there mate..drool...drool.:woot:

I hope you find this forum helpful , and we are also not a bad bunch to talk too as well ,,,,,except for that Radar fellow, bit strange he is , just got his observatory built and has become a hermit now..

Just joking Boss!!

Clear Skies from the team


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Hi Gordon, welcome to mas.

Captivating images, :thumbsupmate: definitely something to be proud of. I was kind of curious about those starlight express cameras......your pic's answered my questions, Awesome!

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