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Mount advice - Takahashi EM-200/Temma2 or Losmandy GM11/Gemini?

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Hi all

I'm trying to research, the best I'm able, any salient points that will let me decide between purchasing a new Takahashi EM-200 Temma2 or Losmandy GM-11 with Gemini. Arrgghh!

I can import an EM-200T2 from Asia for AU$5,073 landed in Sydney via 3-day courier. From America it'd be $5,975 + shipping!

I can buy a (if they're ever in stock!) GM-11 Gemini locally in Australia for $5,495 including the tripod.

The major difference is that the EM-200 does not come with a tripod for that price - that's quite a bit extra. I'd like to say that I'll be building a pier in my back yard soon, so a tripod won't matter. All except for the fact that it will - if I decide to go tripping around with it in the car.

The scopes will be either a Tak FSQ106 or TSA102 alongside a Tak FS60-C which I already have - side-mounted on a plate, along with my DSLR and a webcam for guiding. The imaging and guiding duties will be swapped between the two scopes depending on the duty at hand. Total weight will be in the vicinity of 12kg - easily within the weight limits of both mounts.

How hard? Very! Is there any advice I can purloin from the gallery? I'd rather stay with gear all from a single manufacturer - for the sake of compatibility and consistency - but maybe the G-11 (which I've used before and quite enjoyed - thanks Zane) will do the job just as well?

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Hi Chris

It is always very difficult when you have two choices that are similar specs and prices. You are quite right with your comment of the G11 being in stock or not. I had a similar dilema when I was getting a new mount as I had originally ordered a Losmandy Titan but there were so many delays I decided to really push the boat out and get a Paramount ME which was readily available and I'm glad I did. Anyway back to your choices, if I was in your shoes I would probably be inclined to go for the takahashi as I have heard that the tracking accuracy is more consistent, tracking accuracy on losmandy mounts apparently can vary quite a bit from batch to batch, this shouldn't be a problem with the use of autoguiding. Also I have heard that some owners of losmandy mounts have reported motor burn outs when using maximum slew speeds with heavy loads.

Hope this helps

Good luck with your choice



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Thanks for that Gordon. I'd really like to push and get a Paramount, but it'd be criminal of me to do so - I'd never truly justify the expense.

So, given the G-11/EM-200 budget, I'd normally have to make a choice between non-guided tracking accuracy for use in the field versus guided observatory work. Now that I've also decided to keep my 12" LX200 GPS and plan to de-fork it the G-11 is the only one up to carrying it and the Tak guide scope. 27kg advertised capacity versus 20kg from the GM-200.

So I guess it's the G-11 for the moment. When I get to build my permanent observatory in the hills of Cooma NSW, I'll then upgrade to the Titan or Paramount at that stage and get a better camera to boot :)

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Hi Chris,

I can't really comment on the other mounts, but I've been using my G-11 for around 18 months now and I enjoy it. The quality is great and I've had no problems with it.

Make sure you get at least level four firmware with it.

Once you get used to the software, it's quite easy to use.

Try and get a GPS with it (about $100AU).

Keep us posted on how you go.


P.S A Paramount ME would nice be though :biggrin:

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