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Transit of Mercury from Tasmania

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Total cloud cover greeted sunrise with two cloud levels. I had three scopes set up to hopefully take a full solar image, a higher power close-up and some video clips. All cameras were equipped with interval timers set to take images every 2-minutes. The only images obtained were through a layer of thin cloud.

By mid day the clouds were clearing and by 1 pm the sky was cloud free and a clear deep blue.

Two images taken with a Nikon D200 DSLR at prime focus of a Takahashi FS-102, Some shots of the mobile system I used. Tak Mewlon 210, WO 66 Petzval, and Tak FS-102 all mounted on an Anssen Technologies Alhena mount with German made FS2 controller on RA & Dec, shaft encoders and motor encoders.

The video camera is a Mintron colour, also known a a GStar, Steve Massey has written a very nice camera control & capture software which allows for tri-colour imaging as well as sequence and interval imaging via his software and RS232 control in the camera. A very useful tool indeed.

The more serious equipment is inside the 4-metre rotating dome. (Under the Southern Cross). I am building a smaller dome for the mobile gear as I will be replacing the 12" homebuilt Newtonian with a similar 16", now 3/4 finished.

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Hi Shevill,

That is an amazing setup you have there mate. Shame about the cloud but you still did okay.

We had patchy cloud here, but there was some clear moment, especially toward the end. Though being in W.A we saw the transit two hours less that you guys did.

I had a mylar filter and my PST out. I tried to take some shots on film but nothing really turned out. For some reason Mercury is not visible :crying23:

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