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Whats everyone seen lately either at the flicks or from the vid store :smile:

Been a while since Ive been to the cinemas but going to try and see "Into the Wild" and "The Golden Compass" over the holiday period. Been told that "Beowulf" is worth seeing at the right complex for the 3d effects. I am Legend could be a wild card.

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Some vids Ive seen lately.....

1. Sunshine- sci fi movie, not bad 3.5/5

2. Pirates of the caribbean 3- unfortunately this one like the second was disappointing for me although the banter between J Depps and G Rushs characters was good 3/5

3. Pursuit of happyness- enjoyed this one 4/5

4.Harry Potter order of the phoenix- not a fan of the books or films but watch them for the wife :itsme!: pretty dark for young kids 3.5/5

5.Flags of our fathers/Letters from Iwo Jima- powerful films 5/5

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