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Astronomy Equipment

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  1. Canon EOS & 3rd Party Lens

    As seen elsewhere on this forum, some quite spectacular images can be obtained using a DSLR camera on their own and there are some reasonable 3rd party lens on the market which do not cost an arm and a leg. Additionally DSLR cameras are ideal for small to large scopes used in "prime" focus. One popular brand is the "Opteka" range of lens, they also come with a 2X converter. Picture below are 2 of their 500mm lens, one is short form mirror lens the other a standard 500mm with adjustable aperture f8-32. All Opteka lens come with an appropriate adapter to suit your camera - Their lens are all T2 thread mounts. The Canon EOS X3 (500D) is mounted on a Manfrotto Tripod with a 141RC control head. The Canon 350D, my first DSLR is mounted on a modified VF WT3550 Tripod, these are budget tripods, available on EBay, the actual tripod is aluminum with snap locks on the legs and is reasonably stable, but the control head made of plastic is very poor. I picked up a Manfrotto 141RC control head on EBay for $7.50 plus post, it was sold as not working, parts only. A spot of TLC, stripping it down cleaning it and lick of paint and replaced the missing control arms from my own 141 and it works perfectly. I invested in a set of new control arms, ($24) for my original 141. A new replacement 141RC appears to be selling for around $250AU. Taking images using the 2X converter (not shown here) gives you a focal length of 1000mm. Using remote shutter controls (essential) can produce some satisfying images of the moon and and planets. As other members have commented and I have noticed myself, that such images are inclined to be somewhat softer than when taken through a scope in "Prime" mode. However, taking multiple shots and stacking them with Registax and adjustments in Photoshop, one can produce some pleasing images. I have purchased a number of items over the years from 47stphoto.com Their prices are competitive and their service is most reliable. They are located in NYC NY. Dave PS I am in the wars again: Exacerbated a torn tendon in my right shoulder Xmas eve. See the Doc tomorrow. (I am falling to pieces!) ?? How does one take photos of one's cameras ?? I have a small Canon Powershot A520. Point & Shoot. Neat unit and great for "snapshots" have even used it on my 8" Refurbish 141RC head (New camera plate)