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Found 2 results

  1. Even though I already have flop stoppers on my C14 the mirror still shifts sideways, and not just a little bit, enough to make my astrophotography efforts worthless. Recapping that the problems with mirror flop are poor photos not matter how good the guiding, poor pointing model, loss of focus and collimation. The standard flop stopper config is to attach screws through the rear cell of the telescope which attach to the bottom of the mirror. This mostly only prevents movement front and backwards and will remove a small amount of sideways inertia, but sideways inertia is still detectable. When you are dealing with a heavy piece of glass like the C14 mirror you will still experience some sideways shifting and this is amplified greatly by the awesome focal length of the C14. My solution to this is three M6 nylon screws at 120 degrees apart placed through threaded holes in the rear cell that push up against the side of the mirror holding it in place (very similar system to how we hold guide and finder scopes inside guide rings). I chose M6 screws because their rigidity will increase their holding power. Nylon instead of metal so that we don't chip or scratch the side of the mirror. I was able to use two existing holes and only needed to drill one more. All three needed to be tapped for the M6 thread. I will report back tonight with my results. Fingers crossed. Ray
  2. I am thinking about tinkering with death. Actually, its not that bad, but I'm thinking about pulling apart my C14, and building some type of bracket that holds and fixes the primary mirror in position permanently, getting rid of the in built focusing system and simply using a crayford style focuser to handle focusing. I think this would remove any mirror flop. At the moment, I don't get much mirror flop, but when I do its enough to ruin collimation, ruin an accurate computer pointing model and if it happens during an exposure can cause poor stars and the edges of subs to all be different. I know the mirror already has screw holes in the back of it, I already have flop stoppers which actually work okay, but it could be better. Not sure if anyone has any comments or suggestions about this. I don't envision the mod would be overwhelming difficult. Ray