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  1. I posted that I was getting an RA motor for the EQ1 that came with my Mak90. At the same time I toyed with the ideal of making my own and doing a search I found what appeared to be some suitable geared motors. one of them was 12Volt DC motor with built in gearbox that revolved at 0.6 RPM see: http://tinyurl.com/jezzajl I have 2 of them and they appear to have good torque and tests so far is that they will run quite happily on 6v at even a much slower speed. I have yet to do further tests, but there are 2 methods one is purely lowering the voltage by using variable power supply or by using the PWM power control units which are also very cheap. The advantage of using PWM is that the voltage remains at 12v and the pulses are widened or narrowed to increase or reduce the motor speed. I use these on my model railway locos and can have a loco screaming around at 100mph or simply very slowly crawling. My only concern about using PWM is that with Photography on timed shots the pulse could be an issue with the resultant exposure. For general viewing it would really have no effect on the image presented. So far I have not found a reduction gearbox slower that 0.6 RPM The units are selling around $12 ea and the Speed controllers start at around $5 For EQ1/2 Tripods the control shafts are 6mm in diameter and the motors are 1/4" output shaft Spiral metal couplers are available 6mm to 6.36mm which is 0.01mm oversize. http://tinyurl.com/z8cyfp8 When the temperature drops below 40C I go back to my shed and do some more tests. The motors will fit in a similar sized box as the Sky Watcher RA motor unit Dave