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  1. I have acquired from Japan, an almost "Brand New" mint film camera, the Canon EOS 1n HS which was the Flagship production of their last range of film Cameras, there was a subsequent one the 1V which used a newly developed film, but with the dawn of the Digital Age, the film was never continued, Leaving the 1n series the final camera using conventional 35mm film. It was an extremely popular film camera with the media and it can devour a 36 exp film in less than a minute on multiple frame shooting. A very neat layout designed for action shooting, it has no built in flash or other "toys" if you wanted flash you used a Speedlight or a compatible TTL flash unit like the vintage Nissin dual light shown below. (I have had that for some 40 years) Plus you needed a hat with "Press" on it. I also have a Speedlight 560. The camera is also compatible with DX encoded films using built in sensors, fully auto advance and rewind. It is fitted with a "power booster pack" which holds 8 X AA batteries At the moment I am running a somewhat out of date FujiFilm 200 ISO negative film through it and have found processing lab in the Eastern States, which looks promising. I will be following up with a review on receipt of my first film. Canon EOS 1n HS with Nissin Fully programable dual flash unit. Have been unable to find any documentation on the Nissin (4000GW) and appear to have "lost" the original docs. The lot weighs in at 1.5Kilos. Nothing less than a Manfrotto to support this beast ! Photo taken with Canon Powershot A520 4.0mpx