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    now have a 10in lx200 in the 4 year old obs
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  1. Messier 55

    nice one Tim . looks great. Radar ,been trying to contact you , but cant send PM's ?
  2. Dome Wanted

    I new you'd turn to the dark side sooner or later.........lol Hey buddy , sorry i havent been round much for a while. Cheers Patrick
  3. DBK first light

    Yep found it shane. Sorry , had to got to bed early.............lol Keep it up mate , each one is looking better. Cheers Patrick
  4. DBK first light

    Way to go Shane , well done on the maiden operation of the new gear mate. Keep it up !!! Cant find the camera you got on the bintel site ,which one was it?? Cheers Patrick
  5. milky way widefield

    Nice one shane . lots of detail in there mate . Glad to here the dsi is getting some use . Cheers Patrick
  6. Very quick and VERY dirty

    Keep at it Shane , at least you can get a bit more sky in the frame mate , hope you get some good weather soon. Cheers Patrick
  7. Second DSI attempt

    Still got bad weather Shane ?? Cheers Patrick
  8. Did you win lotto Ray , congratulations on the new set-up. Cheers Patrick
  9. Second DSI attempt

    Your welcome buddy . I might not get much time for the observatory stuff myself these days (works sucks), but im always here at least twice a day keeping an eye on things. You had a bit of a problem , i tried to fix it............lol Cheers Patrick
  10. Second DSI attempt

    Present coming your way Shane , forgot that the DSI really needs a focal reducer...:smiley-think004::weird: Your doing ok considering not using a reducer. Without 25mm extension tube reduction is around 0.7x With 25mm extension tube reduction should be close to 0.5x original image scale. Cheers Patrick
  11. Hey guys , just a quick flight from the other day. Havent put it on youtube yet ,but i did put it on the hobbyking site so heres the link for you all to see http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/HK_movies2.asp?idmovie=245ceaf6151d44d89a04c693854009ca OK its on youtube with better resolution now. http://youtu.be/0UIj36YdRaI Hope you all like it. Cheers Patrick
  12. DSI First Light

    Good on ya Shane , well done. Just glad its got some use again and hope you have fun with it mate. Those Blatislof ..??? masks are great for nailing focus , you can make your own too!! Cheers Patrick
  13. webcam problem

    Haven't had a chance to get to the PO yet Shane , but it is coming soon mate. Your welcome Shane. Cheers Patrick
  14. Last image for a while

    beat me to it Ray !!
  15. Trapezium mono

    I cant either Clayton, i think Shane had a REAL late night.........lol Cheers Patrick