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  1. 10" Dob + Telrad

    i dropped the price on iis so i should prob do the same here This is a real bargain folks!!! I will sell it for $380.... now now... thats only 10 dollars more than i got it for so im basically selling the telrad for $10!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. 10" Dob + Telrad

    heyy folks, just an expression of interest, i might be selling my dob to fund for a ED80, its a GSO 10" dob in Okay condition, bought second hand off of IIS Traders. Its a real light bucket alright. Great beginner telescope. May include my Telrad which i bought brand new at astrofest from Sirius Optics for $80. The primary has been moved up to reach focus with a DSLR when Robin owned it. Needs extension tube (yes it is included ) I will sell it for $420 which includes the Telrad and Extension tube. I bought this for $370 or something including the extension tube. its basically saving $30 for the telrad If I decide to sell this for sure, ill add some pics later on. Contact by PM or email at tinkan_21330(at)yahoo(dot)com(dot)a u Pick up only from Gold Coast or may deliver to Gold Coast/South Brisbane area. Cheers, Tony
  3. heq5 mount

    Am very much interested, do you ship? Cheers, Tony
  4. 8" Dob, Gold Coast Pickup

    I could deliver to Brisbane or Gold Coast area...
  5. 8" Dob, Gold Coast Pickup

    Hey, I'm selling my 8" Dob to upgrade to a bigger dob (aperture fever:P) It's in perfect condition, as new from store (bought late december last year) I have all the packaging but its pick up only from Gold Coast It's a skywatcher, comes stock with 10mm and 25mm Super Plossel Eyepieces and a 2" adapter. No damage to the optics or cosmetic. RRP is $500 Selling for $300 Also, I'm gonna throw in a homemade observing chair to sweeten the deal for free... Personally this is a darn good deal. Will post photos on request Thanks, Tony